Agnes Mone Sumareke

In-Country Agent, Papua, New Guinea

Director, Kerenda Village Project

Agnes is a forester by profession, working as a forest research officer for over 12 years specializing in developing appropriate silvicultural techniques to rehabilitate degraded and logged over forest areas. She is passionate about GIS & Remote Sensing earning a Master of Science Degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation. She is transitioning in her career by focusing on applications of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques in natural resources and environmental management and related fields. Apart from her primary duties as a forester, she works as a part-time consultant to firms or individuals who require expertise in GIS and Remote Sensing. Agnes is a co-founder of GeoNAREM which stands for Geoinformation for Natural Resources and Environmental Management. GeoNAREM is a multinational organization with discipline-specific expertise in the application of geospatial tools in the planning and implementation of responsible management of natural resources, as well as in collaborative stakeholder planning and decision making. GeoNAREM is represented in 5 countries, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Papua New Guinea. Agnes is the Principal Consultant of GeoNAREM-PNG. Agnes is enthusiastic about promoting sustainable natural resource and environment management through research and development and to address climate change through REDD+ and CDM activities.


Master of Science in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observations in Natural Resources Management – 2014-2016, ITC- University of Twente, The Netherlands

Bachelor of Science in Forestry Science – 1998 -2001, PNG University of Technology, Papua New Guinea