PαC Gaia Monitor

Forest Carbon Investment Development Portfolio #1:

Corridor Project, Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa


PαC Gaia Monitor

Forest Carbon Investment Development Portfolio #2:

GIERI | Shabunda Region, South Kivu Province, DRC, Africa

Les Forêts de la Paix




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Strong Roots Corridor Project (~ 3 million hectares)

GIERI Shabunda Project (~200,000 hectares)

Additional Information

PαC was created to develop the next generation of carbon credits, based on direct measurement, not estimation, to be sold to the public, including voluntary and compliance buyers worldwide.

  • PαC will use investments to develop forest project portfolios on the African continent with management objectives ranging from conservation, protection of Indigenous Peoples and their land to working forests and agricultural production for the purposes of carbon trading.

  • PαC will utilize a scientifically rigorous measurement technology for short – and long – term measurement, verification, and accounting of sequestered metric tons of forest CO2 as the basis for its carbon trading products.

  • The utilization of updated carbon trading technology and resulting products should promote land conservation and sustainable management across diverse forest types. There are no direct costs to the landowner.

  • PαC will provide direct measurement and accounting of forest carbon over short and long term intervals using systems created by Planetary Emissions Management Inc.

Our Approach

Our approach aligns climate investment with climate targets, specifically the < 2°C increase in global surface temperature compared to pre-industrial times, identified by the Paris Climate Agreement now ratified by 150 countries.

PαC links the needs of landowners to the risks of climate change with societies and economies around the world.

While carbon markets have declined since 2011 the sentiment to act is global, real and ready for renewed growth.

PαC is positioned to recast carbon markets with direct measurement of carbon storage in contrast to existing protocols that rely upon estimation in lieu of measurement.

Our approach involves four steps:

  1. Enter into landowner agreements involving tangible real estate and goals to increase carbon storage.
  2. Directly measure GHG’s with innovative 24/7 automated technology anywhere.
  3. Quantify carbon storage over time.
  4. Create and sell new carbon products linked to verified measurement.


  • Carbon and its dynamics are no longer invisible, particularly for fossil fuel CO2 produced by the transportation and energy sectors worldwide.
  • The PαC approach provides investors with metrics that define impact in the short- and long-term matching a spectrum of investment outlooks.
  • Our green growth will only be as robust as human action to effectively manage the natural resources required for future generations; we incentivize individuals to create growth opportunities that benefit all stakeholders.
  • Policy progress and political shocks – the PαC approach is founded on rigorous direct measurement with economic drivers offering insulation to political shocks (e.g., Brexit, US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, other political events) for our projects.
  • The PαC approach values and prices carbon and other GHG’s based on a combination of sequestration metrics, cultural value of Indigenous Peoples and their rights, biodiversity and the land itself resulting in a spectrum of prices for PαC offsets that are accessible to every person on the planet.
  • Identifying green growth –  PαC is developing a new fossil fuel index to assist investors in selection of the highest quality directly measured green opportunities that reduce atmospheric CO2.
  • We believe the GHG markets are poised for a restart with new markets and investor universes to engage.
  • The PαC approach resonates with the the low-carbon market presenting hybrid approaches not viable previously.
  • Our patented System of Systems approach lowers measurement cost, increases efficiency and opens online access to local-to-global carbon storage dynamics 24/7 anywhere on the planet.

We’re trying to help families and communities succeed in every country on the planet.

Your investment will be used to develop projects that reverse and slow the rate of forest destruction everywhere. When forests are managed and destruction is reversed forest growth locks in carbon and when measured correctly becomes a directly verified asset for carbon markets.

Your investment will be used to help landowners keep their land so they can live sustainably, provide for their needs and stabilize their communities. When landowners are able to make a living and manage their land we all prosper.

Your investment will be also used to develop projects that assist Indigenous Peoples remain on their land thus avoiding GHG emissions that take place when forestland is destroyed for commercial development.

Your investment will enable diverse forest carbon projects across African countries and across all types of landscapes. The products resulting from PαC direct carbon measurement will be sold to voluntary and compliance buyers worldwide via the internet.

With PαC you may earn a return on your investment while making the Earth a more resilient planet now and for future generations.

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